Hi Everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that the new studio album from the Peter Christie Band is finally here. The album, produced by Roger Corbett (who also produced SHINE) is a gospel album, and while being a little more “Rock” in nature that Shine – it still maintains a hint of Country.

The album consists of 7 original tracks, “You Alone Are Worthy of Praise”, “REST”, “Revival”, When My Time Comes”, “My Father’s House”, Jesus Is Calling” and “Come To The Cross”. It also has Peter’s version of Hank Williams “I Saw The Light” which is a huge live favourite around the country, a beautiful arrangement of “Love Works” by Australian songwriter Graham Connors and a new version of the classic hymn, It Is Well With My Soul.

The album is currently available at but will very shortly be available on itunes, bigpond music, Spotify, Amazon and other virtual stores.

We hope that you really enjoy the album and look forward to catching you at one of our gigs around the country.

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