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Take Some Time 2015 

Newest album by Peter Christie. It is the remix of the revival album with the addition of 3 new original songs. The album features the chart topping “My Father’s House” which resulted in 2 awards at the Gospel Music fan Fair in the USA.

Song List:

1. REST  Christie / Nancarrow

2 Take Some Time  Christie / Corbett

3 My Father’s House  Christie

4 You Alone Are Worthy  Christie

5 Praise The King  Christie / Corbett

6 When My Time Comes  Christie / Corbett

7 Revival  Christie / Nancarrow

8 In Your Arms   Christie / Corbett

9 Jesus Is Calling   Christie / Nancarrow

10 Come To The Cross  Christie

11 It Is Well With My Soul   Stafford / Bliss / Christie

12 I Saw The Light  H. Williams







Peter Christie_Revival


Revival  from the Peter Christie Band. Recorded in early 2013, it feature 7 original songs by Peter and the band as well as three classic covers.

This Album is a gospel album with songs such as “Rest” and “My Father’s House” based on scripture. There is also Peter’s take on the beautiful traditional hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”.Like, SHINE, peter and the band teamed up with Roger Corbett at the Valley Studio who lent his expertise as an arranger and producer to help create a truly wonderful album.


1. You Alone Are Worthy of Praise P. Christie

2. Rest P. Christie / S.Nancarrow / M.Nancarrow

3. Revival P. Christie / S.Nancarrow

4. When My Time Comes P .Christie

5. My Father’s House P. Christie

6. Jesus is Calling P .Christie / S. Nancarrow / M. Nancarrow

7. It Is Well With My Soul Spafford / Bliss / Christie

8. Love Works Graeme Connors

9. Come To The Cross P. Christie

10. I Saw The Light Hank Williams


Peter Christie_6ppDigipak_finalartShine

Shine by Peter Christie was Released in May 2011. The album is a combination of Gospel classics (“Old Rugged Cross”, “When We All Get To Heaven”, “Rock of Ages”, “Power in the Blood” and the grammy winning hit by Collective Soul -“Shine”), country covers and original songs.

The album was produced in the Blue Mountians by Roger Corbett of “The Bushwackers” at The Valley Studio and features the playing of some of Australia’s most accomplished country musicians.



1. My Way Back to You – Dana Hassall / Roger Corbett

2. I Hope You Dance – Mark D. Saunders / Tia Sillers

3. Open Spaces - Peter Christie / Roger Corbett

4. Shine – Ed Roland

5. Somebody Loves Here – R. McCormack / R. Albeck / R. Corbett

6. Power In the Blood – Lewis E. Jones

7. The Road Ahead – Peter Christie / Roger Corbett

8. Rock Of Ages – Augustus M. Toplady

9. What If She’s an Angel – Brian Wayne

10. The Old Rugged Cross – George Bennard

11. Running – Roger Corbett

12. When We all Get To Heaven – Eliza E. Hewitt



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