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Hailing from the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney,
Peter Christie is an artist who’s music draws inspiration from country, bluegrass and the gospel music tradition. As a Christian man, the music that he writes and performs reflects his strong faith and his family values. He is fast growing a reputation as a live entertainer who consistently delivers engaging performances that make the members of his audience feel like a part of the family.peter christie 2011

Peter’s first album, “Long Way Home” received excellent reviews and a feature article about Peter and the album was published in the Trad. and Now Magazines August, 2010 edition. One of Peter’s songs “Lights On The Mountainside” achieved a semi finals birth at the 2010 UK International Songwriting Competition. The songs of “Long Way Home” communicate the theme of Home – not just as a physical place but also as a spiritual place, a feeling, a relationship etc. The album was produced by Glenn Skarratt in Blaxland and was very much a bluegrass influenced album, although it did contain
covers of gospel classics such as “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, “Lord I’m Coming Home” and “All Prayed Up”. Long Way Home also included a duet of “I’ll Step Down” with Australian Entertainer Judy Stone A.M. who took this song to No.1 on the Australian charts back in 1962.

The new album, released in May 2011 is titled SHINE. It comprises a combination of Gospel classics (“Old Rugged Cross”, “When We All Get To Heaven”, “Rock of Ages”, “Power in the Blood” and the grammy winning hit by Collective Soul -“Shine”), country covers and original songs. The album has been produced by Roger Corbett of “The Bushwackers” and features the playing of some of Australia’s most accomplished country musicians. According to Peter, the flavour of Shine is quite different from “Long Way Home” as it has a more contemporary country sound. 2011 will see Peter, along with band members Jason Hill (guitar and backing vocal), Megan Nancarrow (double bass) and Shane Nancarrow (percussion) touring the East coast of Australia performing gigs in Churches, cafe’s, clubs and at folk and country festivals.

This is certainly an act worth catching!


In hind sight, God has always been in control of my life. From a very young age, my friends at primary school were Christian, at high school were Christian, at University I boarded with a Christian family. He obviously had a plan for my life that I was completely oblivious to.

I grew up in Sydney’s western suburbs in a very loving, supportive but non-Christian family. We had no connection with a church, although I always had an interest in the idea that there was a greater power, a creator.

In 1992 I was sent out to the country (Griffith NSW) for my first teaching position. I know now that if I had of remained in Sydney, I would not have come to know Christ. Out in the country, away from the influence of my family and friends I developed new friendships – again people of faith. It was during a parent teacher interview that the parent (officer of the local Salvo’s) invited me to church to play the piano, as their musician was sick. I went – as I had nothing else to do on weekends, and that weekend I encountered a group of people that were so welcoming, so authentic and so full of Joy that I kept going back. Not long after this, I committed my life to Christ, however, God’s work was not done.

Towards the end of 1992, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This has been the thorn in my side since. In constant crippling pain, multiple surgeries for joint replacement and complications caused by medications, I often wondered where God was. The illness led to a severe depression and ultimately the resignation from the Job that I loved. What was going on?

Up until the illness, I had led a bit of a charmed life. I was successful at school, very good at sports (5 national, 1 Pan pacific and 1 world title for tumbling), an accomplished musician, school captain, and targeted graduate from university. Along with these successes came a degree of arrogance a sense of self -importance and the thought that I could achieve anything on my own steam. I truly believe that God has allowed me to have the arthritis as a way of teaching me humility, patience and reliance on Him as my God and Creator.

Today, I am very happily married and we have a nine year old son. I have a small music tuition business and I am involved in an exciting ministry visiting churches to perform and to testify not just of my love of Jesus, but also to the incredible way that he has guided my life, shaped and moulded me so that I can be His instrument.


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